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Prices for amorous massage in escort.od.ua already include the probability of choosing a masseuse and an absolute set of bliss. You only need to choose a girl and choose an item so that all dreams come true. Do you want to call another prostitute? Do me a favor, for this there is a special addition. Do you dream that you might be a little confused in return? This possibility is also provided by us! For these people, who are just starting to get acquainted with the techniques of erotic massage, there are modern programs created on the preliminary relax and followed by erotica. There are also exotic techniques, each of which can give you a lot of memorable minutes.

Main programs

Popular Services

«Standart»1 hour1500 UAH
«Standart Premium»30 min1000 UAH
«Eden»1 hour, 2 girls, frank lesbian show, a bottle of champagne as a gift6000 UAH

Additional services

Oral without condom500-1000 UAH
Cum on body/face/mouth500 UAH
Married couple1000 UAH
1500 UAH

Additional services do not all girls! Check with administrator for details!

Price list with services

Eromassage services were calculated for 30 minutes at the very least. This version of leisure is good for those in a hurry, who is in a hurry. The sample version will take about one hour in time. There are extended offers — 1.5 hours. Prices — from 800 UAH. for the express program, and from 500 hryvnia for add-ons that extend your rest. Come to us. Deribasovskaya street, this is where stunning tenderness and fantastic relaxation await you! Our girls prostitutes have the ability to please hands and light kisses, as well as their beautiful little body on your body in Thai version.

You can contact the administrator in advance, by phone, and describe exactly what dreams you want to implement. Order any additional services you do not need. However, it is they who will help you to relax without a trace. The time in the cabin is counted by a timer. So you can be sure: you will spend your leisure time as much as stated in the price list. Our price of services is fully available. Come and see this — filled with feelings, bold leisure is not so expensive at all!