Девушки для досуга (Одесса)

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«Standart»1 hour1500 UAH
«Standart Premiun»30 min1000 UAH
«Eden»1 hour6000 UAH

Additional services

Oral without condom 500-1000 UAH
Anal1300 UAH
Cum on body/face/mouth500 UAH
Married couple1000 UAH
1500 UAH

Additional services do not all girls! Check with administrator for details!


Only we have the best atmosphere that will allow you to relax! Our interior is designed by professionals. The result balances hard and soft, neutral and selectively intense. Furniture boldly modern, in distilled forms. Accessories promote casual sensitivity.

Our features

Disposable linen and towels

Disposable linen and towels

Bar and alcoholic drinks available

A selection of alcoholic and simple drinks

You can smoke indoors

You can smoke indoors, do not freeze on the street

Electronic payment services

The possibility of paying for services online from the card

Erotic massage Odessa

Escort.od.ua — prostitutes in Odessa catalog

Dear men! We invite you to visit a unique place — the first and only VIP intimate salon in Odessa. From the very beginning you will feel that you have fallen into little Eden by the sea — you will be greeted by gorgeous half-naked girls who are prostitutes, whose smile does not leave their cute angel faces. Our girls are really VIP — well-groomed, affectionate and skillful, they know for sure how to give you a lot of pleasure and make you feel truly enchanting emotions. 

We can not understand what makes this girl so incredibly beautiful, perhaps great brown hair or these bright bright eyes. They are prostitutes, and she is a prostitute, but something about her gorgeous appearance caused a sensation in us. She can have millions of Instagram followers, as well as a thriving model career. The most striking feature of the girl is long legs, slim body and childish face. But what is her story, how did she start modeling, and are everyone satisfied with it? Or is there a backlash to learn about prostitutes?

I visited many countries in Eastern Europe (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine in the Balkans, etc.), where most of the population came from the original Slavs, and I realized that women / girls in these countries on average are much prettier and more attractive than some slut from France. I’m not sure if I answered the question or not, but I definitely convinced myself even more that the Russians (read Slavs) are the most beautiful women in the world. The city of Odessa. Good elite intimate leisure. If you are a man, then you got to the Odessa site, where you will get real sex. Look at the photos of our girls. There is always a girl for whom it is necessary to take the phone and call the ad. You no longer need to look for an ad in which an individual will be confused to offer low-cost sex.

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Forget about the uncomfortable stuffy apartments of «individual», where you do your job in a hurry and run away, away from the dirt, vigilant neighbors and unpleasant atmosphere. Forget about tons of ads with photos of models from the Internet, which oh, how far from reality!